Corporate Social Responsibility is Hard.

You just KNOW more CSR benefits are possible but...

  • There are so many worthy causes out there.
  • There's never enough time.
  • It's hard to know what to focus on.
  • The CEO's interests keep changing.
  • You feel like you're chasing the latest fad.
  • The need seems too overwhelming.
  • You're running on fumes.
  • Employees & customers don't seem to care.

What You Need Is A Proven Framework You Can Trust 🚀


The Safe House Partnership

Imagine what your legacy would look like if you were able to put in place a proven system for activating your workforce to end slavery.

How much more fulfilled you would feel?

How much productivity, turnover, and safety would be impacted?

How it would change the dynamics of your organization as a whole?

My guess – pretty drastically.

The only thing you're missing is a worthy cause everyone can get behind tailored to your unique occupational context by someone who has been there, done that. Somebody with access to a survivor network that can spell out employee actions in a way that's hyper-relevant.

Well, you're in luck.

Because that's precisely what a Safe House Partnership is.

It's everything you need to go BEYOND corporate social responsibility to create a lasting moral identity for your organization.

Derik Timmerman
Strategic Partnerships @ Safe House Project

When You Become A Safe House Partner, You'll Get:


Define a crystal clear moral imperative that every frontline employee can support in their day-to-day.


Top experts in the fight against human trafficking to guide and endorse your efforts.


Build alliances with likeminded organizations forming the vanguard of a movement to end slavery.


Equip employees with the skills they need to spot the indicators of human trafficking specific to their work environments and submit a report to local law enforcement and the national human trafficking hotline.

What's In The Online Training 🎥

Scale of the Problem

Modern Day Slavery Is Everywhere, It's Awful, but It IS Solvable If We Work Together

Signs You Might See

How to Spot Reportable Trafficking Observations (RTOs) in Your Workday

Script for Reporting

Exactly Who to Call and What To Say When You See an RTO During Your Workday

The Research on CSR Is Clear

Alignment between employees and the companies they work for regarding CSR activities that aim to eradicate human trafficking results in higher employee engagement via work meaningfulness.

Afsar, Bilal, Basheer Al‐Ghazali, and Waheed Umrani. "Corporate Social Responsibility, Work Meaningfulness, and Employee Engagement: The Joint Moderating Effects of Incremental Moral Belief and Moral Identity Centrality." Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management 27, no. 3 (2020): 1264-278.

Proper attention on engagement strategies will increase organizational effectiveness in terms of higher productivity, profits, quality, customer satisfaction, employee retention and increased adaptability. Engaged teams have lower turnover, 21% greater profitability, 17% higher productivity and 10% higher customer ratings than disengaged teams.

Sundaray, Bijaya Kumar. "Employee Engagement: A Driver of Organizational Effectiveness." European Journal of Business and Management.; above cited Gallup 2016 study.

The mediating mechanism of organizational identity and the moderating condition of moral identity work together to improve organizational effectiveness as measured by turnover intention, in-role job performance, and helping behavior.

Wang, Wei, Ying Fu, Huiqing Qiu, James H. Moore, and Zhongming Wang. "Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Outcomes: A Moderated Mediation Model of Organizational Identification and Moral Identity." Frontiers in Psychology 8 (2017).

Internalized and symbolic CSR activities--such as a compelling training on how to spot and report the signs of child sex trafficking-- can have a positive impact on employees’ workplace experience and turnover intention.

Singhapakdi, Anusorn, Dong-Jin Lee, M. Joseph Sirgy, Hyuntak Roh, Kalayanee Senasu, and Grace B. Yu. "Effects of Perceived Organizational CSR Value and Employee Moral Identity on Job Satisfaction: A Study of Business Organizations in Thailand." Asian Journal of Business Ethics 8, no. 1 (2019): 53-72.

Your Path To Being A World-Changing Human Resources Executive

1. Become a Safe House Partner

We'll get started immediately on your customized online training course.

2. Train Your Workforce

Get all your frontline employees trained and engaged in fighting child trafficking.


3. Celebrate the Lives Saved

Experience the fulfillment that comes from knowing you're a world-changing global leader.

🏆 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If after building and rolling out the course it fails to deliver on your CSR expectations, we'll happily refund your investment.

What Makes the Safe House Project Different?

This one-of-a-kind CSR strategy was created by founders Kristi Wells (CEO) and Brittany Dunn (COO).

The heart behind the partnership is to show companies that being the good guy really does pay in business.

🎉 What Partners Are Saying

“The genius of this program is that it activates the hearts of our employees to apply the values we already espouse in ways that help the world for a higher purpose.”

Tom Forshaw
CEO, Forshaw

“I've never seen an employee response that even comes close to what I've seen with the Safe House Project training. Our guards have truly found a deeper purpose in their work.”

Rod Musser
CHRO, Securitas

“Corporate social responsibility as it was really meant to be. Turns the 8-hour workday of the average employee into a force for real world change.”

Rose Link
Chief CSR Officer, Verizon


Get Started as a Safe House Partner Now

Only 15 3 spots still available for 2021. Lock in yours now!


Survivor-informed training tailored exclusively for your company plus ongoing advisory support.

  • 30-min online course
  • Annual updates
  • Full partner PR kit


Silver partnership plus customization including executive appeal video content and frontline training footage.

  • CEO / CHRO appeal
  • Guard interviews
  • On-location footage


Gold partnership plus the ultimate global anti-trafficking package including one full-time, first-year advisor.

  • Up to 5 languages
  • Full-time advisor
  • SHP event award